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I'm talking here about SCHNEIDER product range. As I know, until now the only suitable product range for RTU is Compact.

Well, I'm wondering WHY???

I mean RTU is basically for data collection, right?? Then why can't the other ranges, such as Micro, Premium, Momentum, become an RTU??

I don't have as much experience with the Micro or Premium, but the Momentum makes an excellent RTU. My last company used them extensively in smaller applications. They are especially good in a dial-up environment since they support the XMIT block natively whereas in the Compact it is a loadable. They are a little light in the memory department so if you are logging a lot of data between downloads, you might want something else. The Compact also supports the DLOG block to write data directly to a PCMCIA card where in the Momentum you need to write a lot more logic to do the logging.

The bottom line is that the Compact will get you up and running more quickly and easily, but if you are a good enough programmer, it's not the only choice.

Andrew Ward
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The RTU means Remote Terminal Unit.
All the Schneider PLC can be RTU.
You can collect data from the PLC using Modbus RTU protocol.

This is mainly because COMPACT can be purchased with extended temperature range - a feature that is particularly important for an RTU installed in harsh field conditions (not necessarily in a building populated by humans - where temperature is controlled).

As far as I know they can be an RTU. The marketing may direct the customer to Compact but I dont see why you cannot do the same thing with Momentum.