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Simon Provost

I want to know a bit about Concept security. The reason I ask this, is because I work for a city and we have factory connected to our network. These factory use Concept and Modbus for controlling automation. Since it uses TCP to communicate and that part of the network is wireless, I'm a little worried that anybody could introduce himself in the network and change some configuration at the factory.
Can anyone reassure me please
i know something about Concept Security and TCP Ethernet. If you write your problem, Absoulety i'll help you. i want to know that What you want to do exactly?

Theo Baarslag

The application Concept can only be used to develop, test and download etc. programs for the PLC's; all the rest is up to network security.
That is what you might want someone to look at, especially since it is wireless.

There are two widely available standards, bluetooth, and Wireless Ethernet, also called IEEE 802.3 (11a or b).

There are cards widely available for those standards, so if that network is not properly secured it can be broken into. The 802.3 is most likely used in the case of this Modbus protocol, and that has a lot of security settings; but if there is uncertainty about if Modbus will work with high security, they might have left it turned off hoping nobody would notice.

Although the range of those cards is not very big, it might be possible to get close enough to get a signal. Then what they can start doing is sniff for packets; and that is where two things on the network can help with: segmentation and security, obviously the biggest influence being security.

The influence of segmentation is: what you don't send out on the wireless, they can never pick up; security makes it (extremely) hard to get in at all, even on the wireless part.

Hope this helps,
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Theo Baarslag
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