Modicon Connectivity with LINUX

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Thanks in advance !

I have a customer interested to use Modicon Micro PLC on LINUX platform.

May I seek help from you all on this ?

Suneel P. Khandekar

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Implementing a typical Modicon interface under Linux is pretty much like on any other platform.

But under Linux it is also very easy to write a kernel module (installable device driver). This will allow you to produce a very high performance interface (that actually respect the modicom timings) whilst allowing multiple apps to communicate with a 'modicon' device (i.e. send and recieve messages rather than bytes).

May I suggest "Writing Linux device drivers" by Alessandro Rubini (O'Reilly), this book with have you writing a basic module in a few hours.

Curt Wuollet


There is sample software on the Modicon website for Modbus/TCP but I have yet to see anything for modbus or modbus+. And I have looked fairly diligently. For the Linux PLC project, we are planning to write our own. Stay tuned. The specs are available @ and the protocol is simple as far as protos go. I am writing a driver for Modbus /TCP which will be GPL'd and free when it's completed. I was doing it to support the Opto22 ENET racks, but am considering a fuller implementation as the Opto only uses 5 operations. It will be a while as I have little time to spare.


Curt Wuollet,
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