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Dear All

i am using the PLC Modicon M340 (Schneider) with the GSM modem SR2MOD03 (WAVECOM). the Modicon has one serial port (Rj45) i already use with HMI screen. one ethernet (connected with PC for SCADA).
Small USB(only for programming).

i am trying to use the modem to send SMS.

So temporary i will connect my modem to the serial port RJ45(by using the converter cable for Rj45 to DB9) so what i need:

1- the source code (using unity PRO S) that let me send this SMS.

2- is it possible to use Ethenet-USB converter so i connected my HMI to this converter. and the serial port will be connected to my modem.


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which model of HMI do you have?

I understand the HMI has an Ethernet port... so you could connect SCADA and HMI to the M340 through a switch or hub.
Otherwise you could connect HMI to USB port of PLC (serial link... no Ethernet converter) by means of the cable BMXXCAUSBH0xx connected to the XBT USB port type A

In order to send an SMS you need to configure and program the modem through ASCII protocol via serial link. You need to know AT commands for wavecom modem (search in internet or Schneider website. Easy to find some info of wavecom AT commands related to Twido, it is the same). You have to program PRINT_CHAR and INPUT_CHAR function...
Did you have a look at the Schneider website??
You could find everything you need!!

Try to download this$File/35012430_k01_000_03.pdf
I have done this using the parts you listed. I used Magelis XBT-GT-6340 Screen and a M340 BMXP342020 and a SR2MOD03. I have the HMI connected to the PLC over ethernet and use the RJ45 to connect directly to the modem with a TCS MCN 3M4M3S2 cable. I program the PLC by USB or ethernet via ethernet switch.

I also have the developed the PLC code to make this work.
Hi Mikec,

Is it possible to have a sample of the program what you have done on the Serial link communication with the GSM modem.