Modicon Micro 110 cpu 612


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Harold Knapp

Can some one tell me where to get some programming software to test this plc that I have. I can't seem to find any thing on this unit.

Try Modicon. You can download a free demo version of proworx that will only access 25 networks. But thats enough to probably test your micro.
There is no free software for this PLC. However, if you go to "": you should be able to download a demo copy of the ProWORX NxT software. This demo package will give you full programming functionality with the only limitation being the ability to view only the first 25 newtorks in your program.

akif hocalar


i have been working for 6 years with modicon micro 110 micro 612 00/03 plcs. I can send you a test program that written in ladder language. (to test digital I/O and analog I/O). But do you have MODSOFT editor to download this program. If yes I could send it as soon as possible.

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Akif hocalar
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