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We had another engineer that setup the IP addresses in several Modicon Momentum PLC's, and now we are needing to go into the programs to do modifications. When I use ProworX or Concept, we can't seem to connect to the PLC's. Is there a way to reset the Ethernet configurations to factory default?
1# Connect it to a router.
2# Set the router to DHCP enabled
3# Soft reboot the router, it should give all computers / equiment connecter.

I've got a 604 Dlink works ever time, when I lose a IP.
The only chance is to connect via other port. If you have another Modbus port on that, then you can connect serially and download new appli (and clear the flash at the same time from Online > Control Panel)

If you have I/O bus version, that only chance is to use Option adapter between the I/O base and the CPU. This can be modbus plus normally. Then download application through MB+ network with the new IP set.

Good luck.

Robert D. Wagner

Use bootp and he MAC address on the Momentum PLC to access and change the IP address to the address you want. Don't power down before you then connect to the processor because this usually only saves the address in ram. Modifying the IP once in the programming software, save, download and then saving to EEPROM will maintain the new address on the PLC.

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

Kenneth Schunk

Not so - the reason that the Momentum PLC's take about 15 seconds or so to go to run on startup is that they will always issue a BootP request for an IP address on power up, even if they are configured for a hard IP address. When the LAN light is flashing during startup it's listening for a response from a server. If you're really quick about it, you can use the Ethernet Configuration program that comes with Concept or ProWorx to put a known IP address into the PLC on startup.