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We have a Modicon motor... CGP37-R... that the connector for the resolver is corroded... & the wires have come loose... & we can't find a hook-up for this unit to repair the wiring. I have spent hours searching the internet & on the phone,
trying to locate someone that had a wire hook-up or other info on this unit. About all thats on the net is programming issues... we are losing production... & I don't really consider this a simple question since no one seems to have an
answer. The motor will not run without feed back & without a wiring diagram... I can't get it running... I was hoping someone out there may
have something on this unit... I've tried alot of different places.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.... thank you .... JDHill

Daniel Boudreault

Hello JD,

I know where I can locate a CGP37-R motor.
If you can tell my which end you have troubles with, I might be able to look it up.

Dan B.