Modicon PLC 140 CPU 424 02 Communication


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I am trying to download an old DOS based modsoft program from ProWorx32 to Modicon PLC 140 CPU 424 02.

I am new to modicon and was wondering which cable to use. What would be the part number and which ports i am supposed to use?

Help is always appreciated. Please leave an email address so that i could follow up if i have additional questions.

Thank you all.
Don't use Proworx to download Modsoft Application, it just doesn't work. You can ask a Modsoft software from your nearest Schneider Sales office or convert the Modsoft application into Proworx32 and download from there.

The connection normally could be serial port on your Laptop, which is connected to the Modbus port on the CPU. Go to the connection setting and select the Modbus Protocol and the PLC address (normally 1, but you can check the CPU address by removing from the backplane and see the rotary switch address on that back of module)
The cable is 990NAD26320 or 990NAD26350. This fits under the Quantum CPU plastic cover in closed position to.
Make sure that no Nokia phone connection or RSLinx polls the serial port before you make the connection.
Modsoft will work on DOS or in Win95/NT. Proworx32 worx on W2K and XP.

Good Luck.