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Does anyone have any leads on a 3rd party or Square D product to allow the Compact 984 CPU 265 or 275. to be addressed on and ethernet.

Any product if of interest, by all vendors. Understand Modicon is issuing CPU in this series soon w/ Ethernet port, until then we are looking for a 'black box' approach to solve the need.
There is a Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus serial bridge (RTU or ASCII, RS232/485) that has been available for a couple of years. The 174 CEV 300 10 bridge will readily connect your compact to Ethernet.

I use one in my test/demo setup to connect a Compact to my LAN. This bridge can connect almost any Modbus device to an Ethernet LAN.
Try using the Modbus/Ethernet Bridge from Modicon the part number is 174CEV30010 $755 list.
This will allow you to connect the Modbus port to an Ethernet network. Programming and monitoring can still be performed.

Darrell Wrubleski

Use the Modicon Modbus to Ethernet Bridge, P/N 174CEV30010 or the Modbus Plus to Ethernet Bridge, P/N 174CEV20030. I think that the first part will do the job for you and it is less than $1K.

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If you need, I can send you catalogue and manual documentation files about the Ethernet / Modbus bridge, part number 174CEV30010.
It's very easy to set up using TELNET by a TCP/IP connexion or HyperTerminal by RS232 connexion.
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Modicon part# 175 CEV 300 10. You will find others by typing "Modbus Ethernet Bridge" in google.

Jay Kirsch
The Prosoft (Prolinx) devices are gateways, not bridges. There is a MAJOR difference. I'm not going to say one is better than the other, I have and sell both. It's important to understand the difference so you get the one with the features you're after.

With the Modicon bridge mentioned many times in response to this thread, you can program your PLC through it. It is a BRIDGE, and a bridge converts one language (MB) to another (MB/TCP).

The Prolinx devices are GATEWAYS, which simply work as a data concentrator. The device on the MB side writes to the Prolinx, and the device on the MBTCP side asks the Prolinx for info. It's not translating protocols, and no actual
communications is done from one network to another.

Based on the requirements of your application, pick the right one. If you're looking for more than just data access, you want the Modicon one. They're almost identical in price.