Modicon PLC for Turbine / Generator Control


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Michael Sing

I am looking at some cogeneration applications and want to use Modicon Quantum PLCs for the turbine/generator controls. I need to find references where modicon has been used for this application on sets up to 100MW as well as the type of turbine/generator used.

Many Thanks in advance.
Michael Sing

Frank Anderson

We are using Modicon PLC's and local HMI's to control 1.4 megawatt engine generators. They are doing a great job. We replaced the original manufactor's controls. Sorry, I don't have experience with anything bigger.

Frank Anderson
Central Valley Water Reclamation

murlin l hartley

Mike, we are using modicon plc 986 series
for automating 9 generators totaling 90megawatts
we are using factoryLink running in windows NT 4.0 on our mmi's

Horacio Cervino

Our company designed a complete control system based on the Modicon Premium PLC, replacing the existing GE Mark I control system. The turbogenerator is rated on 17.5MW.
Awaiting for response.