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Kelley, John R

I have just started a new job I will be using Modicon Quantum PLC's and Taylor Software. I wanted to know where I might be able to get some
information on Taylor Software for the Modicon Quantum PLC or a little information on both the Software and the PLC.


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I work for a Square D, Modicon distributor, the Taylor programming software is distributed by Square D, I you have any questions I can help
you get any information you need.

Just a minor correction to your message. Schneider Electric bought the Proworx program, both "Plus" and "NXT" versions, from Taylor. They did not buy the company.

Schneider Electric and all its different subsidiaries like Square D in the USA now will support the Proworx family of programming software for Modicon products only.

Don Mahony
Schneider Canada

R A Peterson

As I understand it, Taylor was bought by TCP which was subsequently bought by GE-Fanuc.

I guess GE-Fanuc did not want to compete in the Modicon PLC programming arena so they then sold Proworx+ and Proworx NxT to Schneider.
ProWorXNxt is now marketed by Groupe Schneider who also support the Modicon range of PLC's.
ProWorx is not EIC1131-3 compliant. It is a 'different' environment. The easiest way to learn the Modicon and ProWorx is to buy the Modicon Compact and ProWorx Lite and play with it.
When I wrote my first Modicon program I did not have the processor, software or manual. I wrote it Allen Bradley style ( on paper ) then tried to translate it when the software arrived. When the software arrived I was dismayed to discover that the maths functions. (DIV), (EMTH)etc. used registers implicitly therefore denying them to the user program. If you have a time restraint on your contract, order ProWorx now, delivery time of the software was excessive (in the UK).