Modicon Quantum 984LL PCFL-AIN


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i have developed Analog Scaling using PCFL -FIN Block. i don't have hardware , i want comments on Ladder. pls help i need to deliver this project with in two days time.

Which PID i should use for Level PCFL PID or PID2?

if some one have some Project in which Analog data scalind + PID pls give me guidelines

waiting for prompt responce

the following is brief explaination of ladder

0) Used Manual Scaling option by SET BIT 10 from PCFL -AIN 4th Register i.e Input Status

1 ) The following example in which i have moved analog data (Level probe ) from 30007 to 401151

2) Converted Engineering HI range entertd from SCDA/OIT to PCFL -AIN Engineering HI range register

3) Converted Engineering LO range entertd from SCDA/OIT to PCFL -AIN Engineering LO range register

4)Assign Display reg to PCFL- AIN Block

5) Moved OUTPUT to Specific register

For 984LL I would use the PID2 function block. Works fine. Fax me your information to Canada 403.243.4770, or contact me through the Control.Com administrator, and I will email you some practical information on using the PID2.

You probably do not need the complexity and floating point data required by the PCFL PID function.

i am new to Modicon i have worked on Allan Bradly PLCs, Also i am confused with 32 bit, 16 bit register.

Take Example of Float to Integer conversion, where the result gets stored? the result will get stored in two continguous registers, say... 400100 & 400101 but in which register the information is stored? if 14.00 is a float value then Where 14 will get stored?

This is basic question, i need some information about it. Also i need How to use PID2 Block? Also PCFL-AIN & AOUT Scaling. email id: [email protected]