Modicon Quantum Programming by concept


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i have two quantum plc from mMdicon company. on the top of the cpu 1 write SV:2.2 and cpu2 SV:2.30. my software is concept v2.5. do these items related together (cpu sv version and software version)?

i can't connect to those, via modbus-rtu in concept 2.5. are there any setting in concept software?

shall i load the cpu OS for upgrade the cpu os version for solve this problem by os-loader?

my cpu is:140CPU11302
Don't worry about compatibility between software and PLC controller firmware. Your problem is connecting to the controller from your PC.

On the 113, there is a switch that says RTU/ASCII/MEM. It should be in RTU position. In that position, the MODBUS communications is RTU 9600 8E1. The port address (node address) is the same as the Modbus Plus address and is set by the switches on the rear of the CPU module.

The memory protect switch is normally OFF.

Are you using a 5 wire Modbus serial cable? 2 and 3 crossed, 4 and 6 crossed, 7 and 8 looped back each end, 5 to 5 ground.

After you have connected, the download will alert you to incompatibility issues if they exist.

At that point, you can change the exec.

HINT, if downloading execs via Modbus Plus, change the controller MBPlus address to 1. The download routines are usually looking for address 1 at some point during the download.