Modicon Quantum programming TCP/IP...


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I need a sample of MSTR block programming for TCP/IP...I have set up my 'config extensions' for TCP/IP and have extended config extension size in 'configuration'...

I have programed MSTR blocks for modbus plus, this is my first experience with setting up an NOE module. By the way I am using Proworx NxT.

Thanks you all
The only big difference in addressing an MSTR for Ethernet is instead of a Modbus Plus address (5 bytes), you enter an IP address (4 bytes). If you go into the Advanced editor on an MSTR instruction block and change the mode to TCP/IP, you will see the way the same address fields which would be used for MB+ address are now used for the TCP/IP address. It's really quite easy, and the help files in ProWORX NxT really walk you through it.

What PLC do you want a sample for?