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We have Quantum RIO Network systems which is single cable RIO systems and one drop in systems is very important so need to have redundant RIO systems but we don't need to invest to every drops to be redundant RIO systems.
Is it possible for Quantum RIO Network to have 140CPR93200 at Local Drop communicate with RIO Drop which some drops use 140CRA93100 and some drops use 140CRA93200
If you want true dual cable then the CRP and CRA must all be dual cable. If a CRA is single cable then you will always show a cable error to that drop. But remaining drops should run OK. The trunk network would be dual cable and since all drops are connected via taps, this would look (to the diagnostics) like a "bad or cut" cable to a drop. The tap should be terminated where the drop cable would have been.

Hook it up and try it out.