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Has anybody intergrated these two devices and were you able to read the digital points from the E1 via Modbus/TCP?

The Ethenet module I'm using is 140-NOE-771-01, connected via ETHERNET to the Opto22 E1. The E1 is mounted on a PB16H I/O rack. I've congiured the E1, able to see bits turn on and off using OPTO's IO Control Manager software. I need to be able to see these bit in Modicon's Concept sofware.


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Hello Automation List dept,

I'm sorry but no, I do not have direct experience using a Modicon Quantum with a Opto22 E1 Brain board.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to review the MODBUS/TCP PROTOCOL GUIDE, you can do so at the following web link:

You may also want to try using a ModBus Master utility like ModScan32 to help troubleshoot the interface problem:

Please contact us if you have any further questions about this problem.

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