Modicon TSX07 (TSX Nano).. help needed.


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Darren King

I have been given a used Modicon TSX07 Nano PLC unit and would like to experiment with it. I have checked several websites and gotten nowhere.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction of where to get the right software to drive this PLC please?

I am currently unemployed and wanting to brush up on my PLC skills before I apply for a job and I was hoping this TSX07 PLC would help.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thanking you
Darren King
PL7-07 from Modicon. They might have a demo version available that will work with limited number of networks (7 rungs/network) normally.
Unfortunately, the Nano is not going to be a great means for you to do that. The software is commercially available from any Modicon distributor, and it lists for $300US. No free software exists for those units.

What I would recommend is getting the demo version of Concept (another Modicon software). Concept does not program the PLC you have. It works for the Momentum, Compact, and Quantum PLCs. Concept includes a full software PLC simulator. The demo version will allow you to write any program and then download it to the simulator. The demo version won't allow you to get online with an actual PLC, but I've taught training classes using only the simulator before. You can downlaod the demo version from "": .

Bummer. I was hoping to actually also use this PLC at home (for personal use) to control few gadgets once I had a play brushing up my skills. So although the simulator software is a good idea it sort of leaves this PLC with no use and I don't wanna throw it in the bin especially because it actually works.

I would have thought the profit would be in the hardware and the software would be useless without the hardware, not the other way around.

Maybe this is why the unit was a "giveaway" to me... Not such a good "gift" afterall :(

Thanks anyway :)


Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Dear friend,

To program the TSX07 Nano PLC you need the software PL7-07 and also the cable (TSXPCU1030).

I suggest you to contact the Schneider sales office next to you and see if they can lend you that material for a limited period (we usually do this here in Brazil), so you can learn about our PLC.