Modicon X80 NOC to Allen Bradley 1756A7B


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I am trying to connect the two PLC's together for bi-directional Ethernet/IP communications on each end. So far I can get the X80 side to see read registers on the Allen-Bradley ,but the AB side I can only get to acknowledge that the X80 exists.

Bob Peterson

X80 is only an I/O platform. 1756A7B is just an I/O rack.

I suspect there is something missing in what you are telling us.

There are some tech notes about this in the AB knowledge base. You might want to start there.

I think there is some stuff in the Schneider tech support library too.

I think that the newest versions of the AB ethernet cards support Modbus/TCO. that might be simpler.

Bob you are correct. In the subject line I mentioned a NOC which is actually a BMXNOC301 module but forgot to include it in the regular text. We are communicating to a 1756-en2pr and trying to pass read and write discrete and analog information between the two PLC's, because we are not that familiar with the AB and didn't want to dive into the AB and trying to get it to talk Modbus/TCP. (assume that is what you meant since the O and P are close on the keyboard).

I tried going through some of the knowledge base and was not able to find anything this specific but I am continuing to look. The DTM that we used for the AB side was a generic and not one that was for the Modicon M580/NOC module.