Modifying analog alarm settings


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I am new to iFix32. I need to modify an alarm setting on an analog block. The block resides within a group. Could someone point me where where to start?

iFix has an explorer view like the standard microsoft explorer. Swich this on from the view menu. Then drill down by clicking on the plus symbol of the group you are working in to expose the sub-elements. Continue drilling down until you get to the item you wish to change. Then modify this item by right-click.

Greger Friberg

Start the System Configurator (SCU.exe i believe) and look under alarms, here you can modify the alarm groups and much more...

Do you mean the datalink resides within a group but you want to change an alarm limit or type for that analog block? If so, then just fire up the Database Manager application and edit the block from there (i.e., double click on the tag name of your analog block). Database Manager can be launched from the system tree or from a tool bar when in configure mode.