Modnet versus Modbus

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Hossam Abdel Fattah

The older series of controller from Modicon had a modnet port. I do not have any idea about this communication protocol. Is it an older version of the modbus? If not is there any way to convert it to modbus? If there are no ways to do it is there any communication module that can be integrated in the Modicon A250 to do the job?
There are links to the Modbus users forum on this page and to Schneider. Or go to http:/

Lynn at Alist

I believe ModNet is related to ModComp - not Modbus. ModComp was aquired by AEG in 1986 and from what I remember used networked mini-computers for DCS-like function and real-time networking. I'm not sure where they are now. You peaked my interest, so I seached the web a bit. Looks like only the old AEG-Modicon PLC used this, so I'd guess it's a competing bus-net to ModbusPlus but not compatible.

Any Modicon PLC with an "A" in the name (A120, A300, etc) is an AEG device and some models don't even speak Modbus without expensive add-on cards.

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