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when trying to operate MODSOFT under Vista, an error occure "Ntvdm.exe has stopped working"

How do I fix?
had a brief look at this problem. Seems that MODSOFT (i have never used it) is an old DOS program. It also appears that some old DOS applications (maybe all, i haven't tried any) don't work under vista. Something to do with the error message that you are getting.

The only work around for your problem would to be use VMWare and install a DOS host. This should negate the problem you are having.

I did a quick Google search, and the first link was to where someone was complaining in 2005 that they couldn't get Modsoft to work on MS Windows XP.

You might want to have a look at that. There are a lot of different suggestions for different things that may have gone wrong. Also, even if you get the program running you may not be able to communicate to the PLC via the serial port.

I can't guarantee there is any direct solution though. A number of software packages that worked on MS Windows XP won't work on MS Windows Vista or MS Windows 7. PLC programming software seems to be a particular problem.

Someone has already suggested VMWare. You might also want to look at Virtualbox, which is equivalent (and possibly a bit easier to use).

As a last resort, you might try installing FreeDOS (or MS-DOS or MS Windows 95/98 if you can still get it) on a computer and dedicate it to that task. Once EFI firmware replaces BIOS on a wider scale however, that option won't be available to you any longer unless the FreeDOS guys produce an EFI version.
Without a lot of grief MODSOFT will not run under Vista. Even if you get it to run downloading using serial ports with XP or Vista is extremely difficult.

The easiest solution is to purchase different software. Two that I know of are Fastrak's Modicon Workshop and ProWorx. Both will allow you to import you modsoft program and will run on XP and Vista. I've moved applications from Modsoft to Fastrak Modicon Workshop without a lot of hassle. The product is still actively being worked on so which marks life a lot easier.