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Jose Miguel


I need help please...

i have a big problem, i have a Notebook with win 2000 without a serial port, in my work we only have two licenses concept and modsoft and the plc is a model compact not supported for concept =(, the version of the modsoft is 2.61

Now i have a lot of questions:

1) its possible the conection of modsoft in win 2000 with a serial port???

2) if i can connect with a plc i need a special version of modsoft?

3) i can conect a converter usb to serial, for use modsoft under win 2000???

Thanks to all

José Miguel
Dear José,

Modsoft is a DOS Based application. You can try to run in MS-DOS Window. When Create a shortcut on your desktop check the compatibility mode to "windows 95" like.
There is no warranty that will work. Try the latest Modsoft 2.62, which corrected the speed issue on Pentium processors (also the MB serial access interrupt handling).
USB is not supported under Modsoft even if you have converter to serial.

Concept 2.6 SR2 supports a lot of TSX Compact CPUs (258, 265, 275, 285), try to update your old CPU to one of these.

1. modsoft don't work with windows 2000, should be a windows 98;
2. convert usb to com you may, you can try, but operator system must be a 98.
I beleive Win2000 supports dual boot with Win98. You can create a 2nd partition and intall Win98 there. When you boot it should offer a chance to choose which O/S. You will, as you said, need the USB->serial adapter. Win 98 should run Modsoft and communicate okay with PLC via serial RS2332.

Modsoft under Win2000 otherwise not supported.

Use MBX drivers from Cyberlogic !

MBX™ Driver for ModConnect® Series Host Interface Adapters
Version 4.20 for Windows 2000
Cyberlogic® Technologies

dear sir,

my company have 3 plc of quantom type. i communicate with modsoft 2.4 that working with dos version. i know has new version of modsoft and concept software. i want more information abaut concept & modsoft.


Greg Chamberland

Hi All,

Modsoft WILL RUN under windows 2000 if communicating via ASCII to PLC AND RTU,8,EVEN, via software Direct-io
found at which takes control of the serial port. Works with XP as well. Very slick.