Modsoft under WinNT 4.0


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How to force Modsoft to work under WinNT 4.0?
Interface ModbusPlus.
Card SA-85.
Tell it probably.
I use driver MBX.
Intouch works, Modsoft is not present. "Invalid NetBios command Modbus Error code 803"
When you installed Cyberlogic's MBX drivers, a shortcut for Modsoft was also installed on your system. You need to use this shortcut when running Modsoft.

Also, be sure to check that the SA-85 is configured as an MBX device in the MBX Configuration Editor, and that the MBX Driver itself is running. It should be configured to start automatically when Windows starts.

You can get more information on how to do all of this in the help files. If you still have questions or difficulties, please contact Cyberlogic's tech support at techsupport [at]

Dan Muller