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Mario de Sousa

Curt Wuollet wrote:

> > Mario and I were discussing a synchronisation mechanism, but the
> > conversation sort of got stuck - I think that's my fault, sorry Mario!
> > (The e-mail is still sitting in my inbox waiting to be answered.)
> >
> > Basically, the idea was to allow generic synchronisation between all kinds
> > of modules (not just I/O), using a Petri-net-like structure. A lot of
> > flexibility within relatively simple semantics.
> OK, bravely admitting my ignorance for the common good, what's a
> Petri-net?

The discussion which I have been having with Jiri was trying to come up with a rough draft specification of how to do synchronisation between modules. That 'document' includes a brief summary of what a Petri Net is.

I would like to try and come to a consensus with Jiri before posting it on the list, because I was afraid that too many partial ideas and opinions could arise, and the whole thing would grind to a halt.

Right now I think we have nailed down practically everything (with one exception which I think we need the list to decide between two options - to use or not to use callbacks - the specification should make it clearer what its all
about). Like Jiri said, I am just waiting for him to have time to review the current status of the 'spec'.


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