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Claudio Pires

Dear Members,
I'm desperately seeking an electronic manual for SUCOSOFT S30-S3 in order to start programming a Moeller Compact PLC PS4-111-DR-1. I've already searched the whole Moeller website and no .pdf file for S30 programming language!
Any help will do!
Thanks a lot,
Claudio Pires.
S30 info would be of little use as s40 software is totally different to s30. The s30 is dos based and extreemly basic. The s40 v4.13 has a complete new front end. S30 programs can be imported / converted to load to ps4 PLC's. Hope this is
of use.
I may have a set of s40 v4.1 manuals about somewhere. Drop me an email if you are interested.