Moisture Measurement in Natural Gas


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Dear Industry Experts,

Measurement of moisture in Natural gas is an important and challenging task. There is considerable H2S and CO2 contents and there might be other corrosion inhibitant material. There are a dozen of manufacturers such as: GE, Cosa Instruments, Vaisala, Ametek, Michell Instruments, Spectra Sensors, Bartec and many more. Each of the manufacturers uses a different method and claims that is the best.

My application is in a remote and harsh area (extreme temperature and sand) so the instrument needs to be quiet robust with minimum maintenance requirements.

What would you suggest?
Hi there,

I assume you are referring to a dew point analyzer. You can compare the various makes but all of them will do what they say they can do so you should rather look for quality in the product you select. You can also protect any instrument or analyzer against the elements by installing it in a IP66 or even "Ex d" enclosure so robust should not be such a high priority.

I don't think corrosion inhabitants should be a major factor of consideration either, since the percentages added in relation to the volume is so small that if the gas was in contact with corrosion inhabitants, contamination is highly unlikely.