Momentum 170ENT11001

Anyone have any experience with these Momentum 170ENT11001 Ethernet TCP/IP communication adapters? I have 20 of these in the field and no way to communicate with them.

Can i communicate to these field devices using Modicon M580 PLCs with an NOC301 Ethernet module? Or can it only be accessed by Momentum PLC using Concept PLC?

I tried to use ModSCAN tool to read holding registers but it would not read the registers or let alone connect.
the 170ENT11001 Ethernet adapter should communicate with the M580 (or any other Modbus/TCP master).
Are you able to login to the embedded web server? if so does the diagnostic page show the modules is running (this will also show the valid I/O registers)
I can log in to the adapter's webpage but i don't see the health status or get Ethernet statistics or i/o values (blank pages). I can ping the device though. I have the momentum plugged directly into my laptop.

When I bring up control expert ver 14.1, and right click on Ethernet and select "new network", the subsequent screen doesn't allow me to select "NOC301" Ethernet module as my model family. The only options under Model Family are NOR0200 or NGD0100. I am using the eH58 4040 CPU.