monitor pro 7.0 excel


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I have big problem, I try communicate monitor pro with excel using odbc, but I don't know how to do ??
I try in script write this text:

Sub Main()
Dim a() As Variant
Dim b() As Variant
On Error Goto Trap
id& = SQLOpen("DSN=data;UID=RICH",,4)
t& = SQLExecQuery(id&, "Select * From c:\date.xls"")
i% = SQLBind(id&,b,3)
i% = SQLBind(id&,b,1)
i% = SQLBind(id&,b,2)
i% = SQLBind(id&,b,6)
l& = SQLRetrieveToFile(id&,"c:\results.txt",True,",")
id& = SQLClose(id&)
Exit Sub

but it not work. My script must take data from data.xls file and display on mimic.

I will be grateful for every help.