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I was trying to set up the DDE client in the Configuration Explorer (Monitor Pro V7.2). According to document 'Task Configuration Reference Guide', I should find out the 'Read/Write Control panel' to specify information such as DDE application, DDE topic etc. But I can't find panel. The document seems out-of-date.

Has anyone successfully set up the DDE client to communicate with external DDE server application? Does anyone know how to set up the DDE client? Thanks very much!

Gustavo A. Valero P.


Give me your email and I'll send you a DDE demo app in order to help you to understand all it better.

The 'Read/Write Control' panel is located in (FactoryLink) "Monitor Pro DDE Client" sub-folder inside "Networking" task folder of your app.

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Hi, Saludos.

I have found the panel in the Configuration Explorer according to your instructions. Thanks for your help! My email is: joe.lee @ adtech. com. tw