Monitoring ethernet COMMS status between Magelis XBTGT and PLC


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Michael E

I need to know when the ethernet comms link between the HMI (XBTGT2130) and a PLC (MicroLogix 1100) fails. The HMI has a timeout of about 20 seconds before a warning appears, but are there any status bits or addresses I can use? I would like an alarm to come up as well as the warning (alarms are logged, warning are not).

Any help would be great.
I discovered that the MicroLogix 1100 has ethernet status bits (address ES:5/0) that toggle instantly when the ethernet fails.

The Magelis has no such functionality, so a polled check was needed which monitored the total packet count (address @stat:2). The count was compared to zero and then reset (by writing any value to @sys:3) every 2.5 seconds.

Hope this helps someone else.

Is there a way to turn off communication in the xbtgt, so if the plc is not connected the HMI wont error