Monitoring I/O data from a PLC Using Visual Basic


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I use omron CP1E NA type, my CX-programmer version 9.2, using the omron cable rs232c. and i want to monitor input and output from PLC using visual basic 6.0. i want to collect input data from PC sent to PLC and output data from PLC sent to PC. can you help me with it?

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I briefly reviewed the CX-programmer version 9.2 description and it mentions that the tool is for configuration purposes. Maybe a more in-depth look at the manual will reveal that it is possible to achieve your goal. If you want to approach this task via a different path you might want to try using OPC. MatrikonOPC has several free tools and trials you can look at to historize and read write to PLC.

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First question: Can you write a program to get data from a serial port using VB6? That's step one. If you can do that, then you can start looking at what the protocol looks like to get data out of the CP1E. I believe that reading from the serial port using VB6 has been discussed on the forum in the past, but that's a general problem that will have lots of examples you can find.

As for the CP1E itself, the User Manual Chapter 12 (at least in the 2009 version I found) covers Serial Communication. 12-6 describes what they call Host Link protocol. It also calls out a manual with more information, Communication Instructions Reference Manual (Catalog number W342). It's 267 pages long. However, I think most of that is reference material, and the information for actually writing the program is not too bad. Section 2-2 (again, a 2009 dated version) lists the request / response format, and even has sample code. The sample code is, unfortunately, in BASIC, as in old school BASIC, not Visual Basic, so it won't be very helpful.

User manual:

Communications manual CS_CJ_CP+HostLink FINS ReferenceManual.pdf

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