Monitoring other domain tag in SIEMENS SPPA T3000 DCS

We have SIEMENS SPPA T3000 DCS system from pulverised coal fired boiler control and HFO/LDO fuel unloading,storage and forwarding control.Our plant comprises of 3 units of 800 MW each. SPPA T300 DCS is installed in 5 domains namely, Unit-1,2,3, auxiliary boiler & Fuel oil pressurising pump house.All these domains are connected through a layer 3 switch such that other domain can be accessed for monitoring and/or control from any other location through thin client systems. There is also a feature called multi unit workbench in which more than one unit(domain) can be opened in a single workbench for monitoring or operation and control.

My query is that I want to use a few of offsite domains tags for monitoring in one of the be more precise 24V system and UPS monitoring related tags from these domains to view and configure LVS alarms for same.

Anyone who has experience of working in SPPA T3000 system and its multiunit configuration please guide on how it can be done?

Thanks in advance to all leaned members of this forum.