MontaVista Software hard real-time fully preemptable Linux kernel


Curt Wuollet

Hi Phil

I read about this yesterday and am very interested. Where once we would have to devote time to tuning and working to get the best possible performance from a general purpose kernel or splitting parts off for rt execution, now it appears the OS is coming to us. It should make for fierce competition with, for example W2K and NT as Linux developments in this area are
proceeding at internet speed. Already there are a confusing number of options for realtime performance and new announcements nearly every day. It is an enormous benefit if normal or nearly normal coding techniques can be used for
realtime applications, merely isolating and adding to the time critical parts. The ease of use will greatly benefit many areas that are marginal with the fair scheduler and interrupt structure. Very soon Linux will be the technical OS of choice for anything with definite execution requirements. It remains to be seen if that will change any minds, but it sure doesn't hurt.



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