Moog or GE Part Number


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I am currently working on a project that has some parts that need repairs and replacements. However what I have is the GE part numbers and not the Moog numbers. Based on my search I have been able to find of the number.

MOOG Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve of Gas Control Valve--- (DNL GAS SKID)
GE Part number : 312A6077P001, 312A6077P003
(Suggestive Moog #G772K619) is this correct?

MOOG Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve of Inlet Guide Vane
GE Part number 312A6077P003
(Suggestive Moog G772K240) is this correct?

Also wanted to ask if it would be better to contact GE or Moog for this parts?
MOOG #:G772K240
Type: S38FOFA4VB4
GE #: 312A6077P003

I cannot speak to your 312A6077P001 Servo. If you look at the servo nameplate, the type and Moog numbers are often listed.