Motion control using an Allen Bradley SLC 500


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We currently do all of our motion control using a National Instrument servo control card and a PC, our customer requires us to use an Allen Bradley SLC 5/05. Is there a good way to remove the PC and use the National Instrument card with the PLC?
needs a bit more info like, what comms you are using with the PC and Servo card, if it's RS232/422/485 then it should be possible

Steve Myres, PE

If I understand you correctly, you are using a NI card that resides on the PC bus, probably PCI. The PLC does not have a bus you can plug your card into, but you can purchase a servo card for the SLC chassis.
I would say no that you will not be able to embed the NI card in the AB PLC. Why don't you just use AB's motion control products? Did they say that you can't have a both the PC & PLC on the system?
Instead of using a plugin card, it would be much easier to use a motion controller that supports a fieldbus, such as Devicenet or Modbus/TCP.

I am currently using a Delta Tau QMAC with a Devicenet interface to a GE 90-30 PLC. Galil supports Modbus/TCP. I am sure that there are others.

You could possibly use an embedded PC and a Devicenet Slave card with your NatInst card. You would need to source an embedded operating system, this would probably be the hardest part.

Bill Sturm
What type of drives are you using?

What type of Signals to the drives? (Analog,
Sercos, Devicenet, Profibus.....

How many drives are involved?

May be it's an Idea to use the new Controllogix 5000 Series with integrated Motioncontrol, instead of SLC 500?
Much easier to program and easy to Support