Motorized Valve control over Wireless


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Looking for solution to interface few LIMITORQ actuator (Limitorque L120-85 Actuator) as part of MOVs (380VAC) to DCS I/O located around 600 meters away from the MOVs.

Existing MOVs are currently interfaced to YOKOGAWA CENTUM-CS DCS through many protocol converters (M-BUS/MODBUS RTU RS-485) and built in logics in DCS are difficult to run due to frequent failure disturbances from the MODBUS link.

Now we're looking for a solution that have wireless control which can be easily interpreted at both ends. Is there any one have similar design experience?

bob peterson

There are plenty of wireless solutions available. A lot depends on the area of the world you are in, what the area clasisifcation is, and how many I/O you need to control. MOVs are pretty slow so speed is not an issue.

Hello Bob,

We have a total of 52 MOVs out of which 18 are for Utility applications(seawater/cooling water/chilledwater) and the rest are in our Aromatics Tankage Area(Zone1 for Benzene & paraxylene transfer). While considering the number of ios/MOV which are 3 I/ps(Open Limit switch/Close Limit switch/Fault or no movement ie. stuck, 2 o/ps(Open and close command). MOV Operating voltage 380VAC.