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John G. Boland

Hello, the list!

In the spirit of the holidays, can anyone point me in the right direction on this one?

A diminutive acquaintance of mine dissembled his (PC serial) mouse (without damaging or disconnecting any components!). In the "how it used to work" phase of our dialog, I got to encoder and cursor screen position updating.
Counting wires, it was pretty clear that (as the name implies) the mouse represents the AB encoder channels and two switches as a serial data stream
to the PC.

NOW, a simple question oh fabled GUI gurus...does anyone know where the hardware / firmware specs (or clever ideas for implementing from PC parts)
for this ubiquitous interface (both ends) can be found, or even what to search for?

These mice would make a pretty nice source of encoders for a variety of small projects.

TIA, and a very happy and holy holiday season to all.

John G. Boland, president
Strateg!c Method$ Corporation