Movicon Alarms

Hello everyone,
We're using Emerson/Progea's Movicon as our HMI for our projects. Assuming we have 500+ alarms during the lifetime of the project and we only want to display only 50 or 100 alarms at a time, is it possible to display a set number of alarms without having to display all of them and having to filter them by date/time to scroll through them? Some other HMIs like WonderWare and PanelView allow us to scroll through the alarms about 50-100 records at a time.

We've also tried displaying all the alarms together but this causes the Alarm Log window to have to load all the alarms every time and causes the screen to flash quite a bit and it's really hard to read when this happens. Before I go ahead and try to make my own AlarmViewer using Visual Basic scripts, I wanted to see if anyone has run into a similar issue and has a solution for the same.

Thanks in advance for any help!