MPI beyond 50mtrs


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Ashish Atre

Can the MPI link be extended beyond 50 mtrs using RS485 repeaters ( non Siemens ). Our project calls for a CPU314 but due to above limitation we have to switch to a CPU315-2DP as the cost of using Bus Repeaters from Siemens or adding an additional CP for Profibus-DP works out to be equivalent to the cost of adding a CPU315-2DP. The link is to connect a WinCC PC Station to the CPU. Can anyone suggest a better alternative or may be some non-Siemens repeaters which are cheaper?? Regards Ashish Atre
MPI is a siemens proprietary protocol and standard 485 repeaters would not be acceptable. Siemens part #6es79720aa000xa0 is not that expensive. Hope this helps