MPI Cable diagram to connect cp5613 with PLC S7-300


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M. Hosny

Please any one can help me to know the wiring diagram and the specifications of the MPI cable between MPI connector of SIEMENS S7-300 (CPU314) PLC and CP5613 card?
the MPI cable is the same standard as PROFIBUS. Siemens will sell you a "MPI cable" which is less expensive or you can make a longer PROFIBUS/MPI cable by purchasing 2 Fast connect-PROFIBUS connectors and the length of PROFIBUS cable.

see for more info.

Just connect pin 3 with 3 and pin 8 with 8 of your extention cable and you connected already the RS485 site. You should also connect the shield of yor cable with the cases of the connectors (hope you use Profibus/MPI cable and Profibus/MPI connectors!).

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