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1) Can I use a twisted pair cable as an MPI? What configuration will be required?

2) Can 2 S7 300 PLC stations share data with each other using a twisted pair cable? What hardware configuration will be required?

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Adrian Hernandez

Yes you can use twisted cable to configure an MPI network.

About the hardware you should try with the siemens bus connectors 6ES7

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Use part number 6XV18300EH10 for the MPI wire. The connector to use is 6ES7972-0BA50-0XA0. This is what I recommend for a trouble free installation.

As far as communications between stations go, just make sure the 2 programs are inserted into the same project. Then right click the MPI network icon (from the simatic manager). Click on "Define Global Data", then insert the 2 CPU's.
Besure the 2 CPU's have different MPI addresses, also make sure they are networked (double click on the CPU in the hardware configuration).

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Jaroslaw Klak

1. Yes, you can use shielded TP cable. Connect pin 3 to 3 and pin 8 to 8. Max. cable length is 50m.
2. Yes, you can exchange data using global data (in STEP7 project manager click MPI network and choose menu Options-Define Global Data)