MPI of CPU300 and CPU200


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I've one S7 315-2DP CPU and one s7 226 CPU. I need to configure both CPUs with MPI Subnet. Please tell me the detail for configure s7 315-2DP and necessary instruction for communication both CPUs. Please contact me Email [email protected]
What are you trying to do? Will the 315 be a master and the 200 a slave? Or are you trying to just set up a network just to program the 2

Zan Von Flue

It looks like the 315 and 226 can be connected through the MPI port. I would check the manual. The manual is not on the internet, but make
sure the 226 side connection speed is 19.2 or 187.5k, where mpi is normally 187.5k. Both also need the correct address. Both 315 and 226 are
normally addr.2 so change one or the other.

For the 315 either Global data can be exchanged
or the SFC Send/Recv have to be used


Pisit Saelim

S7-300 is MPI master and S7-200 is MP slave

how to do this ?
every model of s7-200 can do that ?
please tell me step by step to config them
thanks in advance