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Su Truong

Dear friends !

I've developed VBterm ( MSDN samples in Visual Studio kit ) to receive & transmit data through Serial Comm Port . My project read data , Caller ID infomation , sending from central office line via Modem that connected to Serial Comm port and save it as text file . I , now , want to play an audio file " in voice " through serial comm port (not through sound card )to telephone line connected to PC via Modem . For example when you receive data sending from central office line ( example data is a string of text "8302255") after receiving data you 'll compare this data and inform by voice to the telephone line (ex : " your telephone number is eight three zero two two five five ") by play audio files correlative ( ex : 8.wav ;3.wav ; 0.wav ; 2.wav ...)

But I don't know how to do that in VB .
Give , show me the way to solve this problem . Please !

Thanks !

Su Truong . [email protected]
Su Truong , The MMcontrol of vb will perform what you want , basicaly you record with your voice the files thru the windows sound record, it means that you will have one file for each number from 0 to 9. After that when you receive the complete nbr you will get number by number and get the correspondente file and set the property of the mmcontrol to play that nbr, the magic is to set the voice modem chn to speak the mm sound and it could be done get the output of a voice card to the input of your voice modem(mic of the voice modem). If you be hard to do that i can try to help you. Please, if you dont mind, could you send the porting of the caller id in vb? I have code to talk to mscomm. Thx Fernando

Juan Contreras


I found this e-mail in a web searcher and I have the same problem, did you solution it?

It talked to a radio patch not a phone line, but I saw a system that used an external voice modem for audio output instead of a soundcard.



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Terry Wright

Is any one aware of problems reading from the serial port using this control in a WIN NT or WIN 2000 environment.

I have a VB app which works perfectly under WIN 98 but will not function under either of the other operating systems.

I anyone has a solution I need to hear it as I'm being driven nuts.

Thanks for listening.

Terry Wright.

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You do this with a voice modem.
To find out if you have a voice modem try AT#CLS+?
Your INI string is( AT&F0S0=1#CLS=8 )
&f0 reset to factory
S0=1 answer with 1 ring
#cls=8 set to class 8(voice modem)
some use (+FCLASS=8)
The modem will decode the touch tone(s) for you

for more info try "": to find a link.