MSComm to SerialPort


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paula grooms

i am trying to learn visual basics 2008 but i am doing a project from 2005.

what is the difference between MSComm in Visual Basics 2005 to the Serial Port in Visual Basics 2008?

if the difference is to big what can i use in 2008 instead of MSComm?
I can't speak to the MSComm control, but I have heard it can be a pain.

I've used the serial port component in and it is very simple to use. Simply configure it through the properties dialog or through some simple method calls and then it is ready to read and write to like a file.

MSComm is from VB6 and is ActiveX based. SerialPort is part of the .NET framework and I find it easier to use and works better.

If you are going to use VB 2005 or 2008, use as much of the .NET components as you can.