MSG SLC505 to ControlLogix


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Jerry H

Does anyone know if it is possible to communicate between a SLC505 to a ControlLogix using ethernet/DH+? If so, how?

ControlLogixis on a backplane with DH+ and ethernet.

Bob Peterson

slc505 does not have DH+ but does have ethernet built in.

if your controllogix system has an ethernet module in it it is very easy to communicate via ethernet to the slc505.

if your controllogix system does not have an ethernet module in it and you have an unused slot, an ethernet module is easy to add.

Yes, you can easily read/write the SLC from the CLX.

The SLC is older tech than the CLX and doesn't understand the CLX memory format (plus it's just more complicated period)....BUT you can configure a memory area in the CLX to emulate SLC/PLC memory and read/write to it from the SLC.

Since CLX's can read and write to SLC's, and can also emulate them when the CLX is in the slave role, you should be able to do both at the same time and talk between two CLX's in SLC mode, but I've never been able to make it work. You're stuck with produce/consume, but you can't add those at runtime like you can MSG's (SLC/ABETH mode).

Gerald Beaudoin

Certainly comms between the SLC 5/05 and the Contrologix are straight forward Ethernet messaging. Why the interest in DH+?

Perhaps the SLC is a 5/04 instead of a 5/05? In that case a 1756-DHRIO in the Contrologix backplane will do the interface for you. We've had one running for about 10 years well.