MTL 8000 Process IO Processor Options?


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Carl B

Can anyone help me with selecting what control processor options there are for the MTL8000 series IO modules? From what I can understand, MTL used to do a processor under their MOST system, but this got taken over by GE-Fanuc. I've also seen the identical IO with the DeltaV system.

Is there anyone else using the IO system? Who actually 'owns' the IO system - or are there lots of complex licensing agreements in place?

I'm looking for a processor that has a generous helping of RAM for local storage, Modbus/TCP and two of the 61131 languages - FB & ST
Redundancy is also required.
The processor will be located adjacent to the IO so we don't really want to put a bus interface module in and then a link to a conventional PLC.

Regards, Carl