MTS level meter for LPG application

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Eudilson Nunez Cossio

I'm interested in installing a system for diagnosing purpose using LDF209146210 transmitter.
I saw a demonstration system in ISHM (Oklahoma) and I wonder if possible that someone send me more information about how to mount a similar configuration, specially talking about the sensor (in a workshop is not possible to have a 9meter sensor and in plant is dangerous to make test because is a LPG plant).
Frequently we have failures and replace boards inside the transmitter, but we need to make a diagnostic of this cards in order to try to repair it.
Another question: It is necessary to have a Level Plus Tank Monitoring System (We have in plant a model 802043) to read the transmitter or is
possible read it using a modbus master emulator, then I need the addressing mapping for this option?
Thank you very much for your help.
Eudilson Nunez