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I'm looking for a multi-point (maybe 8 to as many as 20 points) characterizer/linearizer module that can be configured or programmed with a table of values such that 4-20mA input gets retransmitted as a characterized 4-20mA output, per the table of values.

I've done this on some recorders or larger systems that had look-up table functionality, but I now have several needs - characterizing signal to a valve positioner, and corrected level for a hopper that isn't flat bottomed without either fancy recorder or system capability. Just a 4-20 signal and a need to characterize it.

Is there such a black box instrument?


Curt Wuollet

Someone may well make such a thing but I haven't heard of it. And if they do it will probably be cheaper to use a PC for that many channels. You can do it with a PLC of course, but analog channels tend to be quite spendy and the PC or a SBC would be much faster. If you need isolation it will be pretty spendy no matter how you do it.

Close, but not quite (not DIN rail mount, only 4 channels):

There's a four channel display unit that takes 4-20mA signals, where each channel has an independent multi-segment characterizer function, and each has a retransmission of the characterized signal as 4-20mA.

It's a display unit so it has an LCD graphic display and relays for alarms. Wall mount or panel mount, not DIN rail, but it does package multiple field signals with characterization into one package.

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