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Dear List,

I am looking for a multi-point display. The inputs (around 12 - 16) are analog, a mix of 4-20mA and 0 - 10V mixuture.

What I have been able to locate so far are digital recorders (next gen. of pen recorders)? Will appreciate help in locating a vendor!

- Shahid
Your best bet is going with a digital recorder (DAQ). For that many I/O you'll either be using several devices and single device that is overkill since you don't want to log data and you don't want to implement control loops.

But, when you look at the alternatives, a digital recorder will run you about $200-300 per analog I/O, which is not that bad. You could also buy an industrial PC with a couple of I/O boards but I think you'll find the DAQ cheaper and easier to implement.

My particular favorites are the Eurotherm and Yokogawa DAQs... easiest to work with and full of nice features.