Multi Point Insertion flowmeter


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Ziad Lababid

Dear Reader

I know that insertion magnetic flowmeters are very common and all manufactures for this type of flowmeters based on the same working principle ( Faraday's Low ) with two electrodes to measure velocity.

the proplem that my client request a multi points insertion magnetic flowmeter, I have never hear about this type ,and I'm looking for a provider company for this type, please advise

Bengt Edling / Temflow Control AB / Swed

No, there is at least one more manufacturer of insertion multipoint flowmeter. Check here, series 9000:
Eldridge Products Inc. Seaside CA. (408) 349 0919

Good luck!
I do not think Eldridge makes multi-point Mag flow meters. They do not seem to have meters for water flow. Their thermal massflowmeters are used for gas flow measurements.
Marsh mcbirney has multi point magmeters for water flow measurement.